Free from guilt frozen burger

Healthy eating is very important to our family and we try to buy organic food as often as we can. We almost completely eliminated meats that are full of antibiotics and hormones and we are happy to see more farms offering humanly raised animals. We all love homemade hamburgers but with a busy daily schedule I don’t always have the time to go grocery shopping for fresh meat to make my own patties. For those days we have a backup plan: frozen burgers from ‘PC Free from’. Made with Angus beef raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones and made with simple ingredients. Very fast to prepare and if you serve them on a whole grain bun with fresh toppings they are fun, delicious and in my opinion, less guilty then ordering from the pick up window:) Afterall, YOU made the dinner!

You will need:


for 4 burgers

1/2 package frozen Angus burgers ( PC free from), use whole pack if you like double decker

 4 round buns

1 large onion

1 large tomato

2 large pickles

full hand of baby arugula ( or 4 leaves of lettuce)


3 Tbsp mayonnaise

1-2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

1-2 Tbsp Ketchup

pinch of cayenne ( optional)

This is how you do it:

Cook burgers according to the instruction on the package. In the meantime in the small bowl combine: mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and cayenne. Slice tomato, onion and pickles. Cut buns in half and toast them lightly ( optional). When the meat is ready build your burger : bun, arugula, burger, pickles, tomato. Spread  sauce thickly on the top part of the toasted bun. Ready to enjoy in about 12 minutes