Home Decor

Sheepskin three ways

Today is raining and the temperature dropped over night quite a lot.  Well, the fall is coming and even though I am still hoping for  a couple of warm, sunny days, today I feel like staying all day under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea.  It is probably a good time to start cozying up the house with items that will make the place feel warm and inviting when the real cold weather comes. I love blankets and fuzzy pillows and I have a lot of them in my inventory but recently I added  something else – a sheepskin.  Years ago, when I lived in Europe, sheepskin was very popular and affordable but now days you have to spend a lot of money for a good quality, large piece. When I first saw mine in the store I could not believe that it wasn’t a real fur. Beautifully done, in generous size and very affordable price…  I love it!!!!

just put it on the chair

the same chair just different faux sheepskin

throw it over an ottoman or a stool


use it as floor rug in any room


layer it for additional warmth and coziness


your furry friend will love you!