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The perfect Sunday – Crawford lake trip

I can’t even express how lucky I feel living in a beautiful Canada. Having lake in my closest neighbourhood is magical and makes me feel like I am on vacation every time I sit on the shore.  But  it can be dangerous in the way that you become to lazy to go anywhere and discover new places. To avoid that, we decided to have as many day trips as possible all year round. Recently, we went for the  first time to a place only 30 km from home- Crawford lake. We spent amazing, relaxing day walking all the trails, watching animals and eating lunch on the grass. Unfortunately, the battery in camera died soon after we got there but we will be back to take more pictures. So close to home and so amazing. Canada is wonderful!


…just keep going straight forward:)


even short trip will not stop us from checking all the local markets…


fresh pastry, yum! Maria is a sweet tooth:)


huge wood carvings along the trail

searching for snapping turtles

beautiful forest like from a fairy tale



so many different colours…


…and shapes



full of mystery…. who’s house is it?



short stop before going for more adventure…