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Garlic shrimps – gourmet camping cuisine!

Camping food can be  tasty and exciting!  A couple of camping trips ago we discovered the portable campfire grill and I honestly say,  this little thing completely change our life and I cannot imagine going forward without it. The construction is very simple, it folds flat for storage and provides a large grilling surface. The best of all your food cooks and tastes wonderful! We grill everything on it and since it stands up directly over the campfire we do not have to carry with us any of the portable charcoal grills. All you have to do is to start fire and voila!

Last week we tried whole shrimps with garlic butter, garlic bread and dandelion salad  with lots of fresh garlic!  Thanks to garlic rich camp diet we do not have problem with mosquitos:)


start up the fire…



dandelion salad

Collager2fire roasted simple garlic bread

DSC_0475rMiss Lips ready for some shrimp testing:)



DSC_0523rdon’t forget about glass of wine…


DSC_0532rfinger licking good:)

…cook doesn’t  have to clean dishes!!!!!



I guess cleaning after dinner can be fun…..