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The perfect desk lamp

It is not a secret that the right light fixture will not only provide proper light but it will create the atmosphere. In my opinion light is more important than the furniture. Light can make the space look dramatic, soft and inviting or dungy. The height, colour and style will make a huge difference in the overall feel of the interior. Recently, I was on lookout for table/desk lamp that will not only provide a warm ambience but also something interesting enough to serve as an accessory as well.

I knew for sure, that I want my lamp to have the  Edison style bulb. Firstly, because I love the look and secondly I really like the warm almost dimmed light it gives. I was searching many places and I was surprise how many there are on the market. Unfortunately, many of them  were way beyond my budget.

Here are some of the more interesting I found:

Dan Cordero store on Etsy


Shadow Box Edison Lamp

Vintage Edison Fan Lamp

Smoked Glass Goggles:



Native Den

Cult Furniture

and here is my new lamp:)