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Closet door transformation – easy and fast way

Not all of us have the luck to move in to a brand new house designed accordingly to our needs, style and family dynamics.  I have many friends who after years of saving can finally purchase a house, but there is no more money in their budget for any renovations. I also know many people who rent a house or an apartment ( my family is one of them) and can’t do any major changes. Luckily there are many low budget, non-intrusive options to update your place without spending tons of money and without making permanent changes. The place we are currently living in is an old building and even though it is kept extremely well maintained and clean, the interior finishes do not go well with the decorating style I am trying to achieve. Since to me even rented space has to feel like home, I started to do some changes that make it feel like at home but can be very easily removed without causing any damage to the unit when it’s time to move out. My best choice for covering awful patterns and colours  is the easy on easy off peel off vinyl covering. You can put it on many surfaces and it instantly changes the look.

Today I was working on a set of old closet doors in my hallway ( as a part of bigger hallway transformation) and this is how it went:)

The door before:

…the process:






and my “brand new” doors 2 hours an $15 later!