Super Simple Salmon Salad

With a busy life very often comes poor eating.

Last minute choices, decisions made with an empty stomach result in guilt and imbalanced diet.  To avoid or at least minimize this kind of situations I make salads. All kinds from easy, couple ingredients mixed to more advanced recipes. They are fairly quick, easy, error free and very handy. The best part is that after day of two in the fridge they taste even better since all the ingredients have time to hang out together and exchange flavours:)

One of my most favourite choices is salmon or tuna salad. Rich in nutrients, filling, full meal in one bowl.

Recently, I was lucky to purchase a whole frozen wild salmon for very little money. I decided to turn it into huge amount of salmon salad which my family enjoyed for an entire week. It even took care of kids school lunches:)


You will need:

2 cans of salmon or tuna ( or baked fresh/frozen)

4-5 eggs

1 red pepper

1 red onion

full hand of parsley, dill or both

1 cup peas, corn or mix ( canned or frozen – if frozen, put in boiling water for 2-3 min )

1 cup mayonnaise (here you find recipe for easy homemade)

1 lemon

salt, pepper

cayenne optional


This is how you do it:

Shred fish in to small pieces, use fork or your fingers. Chop red peppers, eggs herbs and onion.





add mayonnaise, lemon zest, salt and pepper. Squeeze lemon juice ( rolling lemon with your hand helps to extract more juice). Since you will use lemon zest I recommend to buy organic.





mix all ingredients and enjoy!

For an extra “zing” I like to add some chopped pickles but I didn’t have any left this time:(

After mixing all together, taste to check if it is spicy and salty enough to your liking. I go easy on salt in the mixing stage because mayo and pickles contain salt. It is better to add some more at the end.  Too salty dish is very hard to fix…




   with toasted whole grain bread….




So good and good for you.  Double the batch and bring with you to work for amazing, energy boosting brain food  ….