I finally did it…The power of New Year’s resolutions

It took me almost a year. I remember, the morning after Oscar’s night when  I decided to start my blog. My head was full of ideas and my heart was full of excitement. I purchased my domain and… had no idea how to start. Not technically, because this part is not that complicated. Besides, all the hosting sites offer help to make it even easier. I simply didn’t know what my first post should be about. I had it all planned in my head but every time I logged into my account I was unable to put the first word down. As we all know life gets busy and time goes by very fast. From March to December faster then light, my one year membership almost expired and I didn’t manage to start writing. Thanks God for New Year and its RESOLUTIONS. Interestingly enough I am not a person who needs a  special occasion or reasons to get going, but this time, well it certainly helped. I made-first quiet-resolution and then I announced it to my family ( to keep me accountable). I hope I will keep going and Happy New Year to all of you and to all of you who made this year resolution stay strong and don’t give up. You made the first step. The most important one. And if there is someone who just like me needs a little kick then just start doing it and don’t waste time like I did. Even if at the beginning it is not perfect, it is still better then not doing all…….   

                                                       Good Luck and a Successful 2015!!!!!

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”

Goran Persson